26 November 2019

An evening of Arctic Adventure at 8.00 pm with Rev Bob Shepton – Sailor, Climber and Adventurer.

We are very lucky to have  secured the Rev Bob Shepton as our celebrity  speaker this year.

Bob Shepton has been a Royal Marines officer, a full time youth leader in the East
End of London, and Chaplain to two schools. Since retiring, he has swapped pulpit for cockpit.

Through countless seasons of exploring in his Westerly Discus he has become a leading expert on
the waters around Greenland, winning the The Royal Cruising Club Tilman Medal twice for his exploits.

His articles appear regularly in the international yachting press and he was Yachtsman of the Year in 2013.

Bob has 140,000 miles of sailing to his credit along with 15 Atlantic crossings, two transits through the Northwest Passage and much more….